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Our instructors are all British Surfing Association Qualified, Royal Life Saving Society Beach Lifeguards, as well as being very experienced surfers!

Student Safety

Students are taught about basic surfing etiquette, safety ground rules, beach lifeguard flags and information. (Kids camp students get to meet lifeguards on the last day of the camp), water hazards such as rip currents and rocks.

Students are also taught about different wave types and how wves are created, giving a comprehensive introduction to surfing.

All students wear red vests over the wetsuits during surf lessons. TK instructors wear Yellow vests.


Tk Van We only use the best equipment and safest conditions in which to teach our students!

Board / Wetsuit / Booties Included for ALL groups and Surfers.

Kids Safety

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Our kids wear bright red vests so they are easy to spot whilst in the sea, making it easier for our instructors to keep an eye on everyone.

Wet and Dry

Kids are supervised in and out of the water by our instructors.

8:1 ratio

A maximum of 8 children are assigned per instructor, for a safer and more personal experience.


The First part of all lessons is spent on the beach regardless of wave conditions, in order for our instructors to go over beach and water safety, ensuring that students are properly briefed on what to do in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the surf lesson times?

Times vary and depend on conditions and tides. We normally run our lessons from 10-12 and 2-4pm everyday.

Q: What happens if the surf is small?

Tk Van 2 Everyone knows Portrush gets very good surf. Some days better than others though. When learning to surf it is prefered that the surf is small as is makes for better learning conditions. Small and gentle is good, however if it is totally flat we offer a special next lesson half price!!

Q: How many people will I be surfing with?

Depending on your booking date and time you could be surfing with 1-2 more people. As our groups do not exceed the BSA standard of 10 students to 1 instructor ratio, groups usually .... especially in the total beginner ....

Q: Do you teach in the winter?

instructions Yes! From October to May lessons are held on a Saturday and Sunday only. Winter wetsuits, boots and gloves are supplied! Awesome waves...... For the Brave!!

Call for more info

Q: What do I need to bring?

Depending on the weather, at least a towel, swimsuit and warm clothes for after......

Q: Where are the lessons held?

TKsurfSchool chooses the safest location in the morning of all lessons. Usually in the summer months we surff Whiterocks Beach. In winter we use East Strand. Just depends but we call all our bookings to give instructions and directions for that days lesson.

Q: What if it's raining?

You're going to get wet anyway so rock on! More fun in the rain anyway!

Q: Can I organise my own group?

If it's just you or a group of your friends just give us a call to arrange a surf session that will best suit your needs.

Additional Safety & FAQ Links

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